About Us

Child of the World is the change I want to see in the world.

I am, and you are a "Child of the World". I want to make a difference in the World, starting with - you. Would you, like to make a difference in this world? If you look at our World there is fear, uncertainty and confusion in our financial, health, political and leadership systems. Leadership with tolerance, integrity and compassion is desperately needed to heal our World. "Child of the World" is a lean apolitical boutique foundation. We seek out, mentor and support leaders with TIC, tolerance integrity and compassion. We pay for their college fees and courses. Any donation we receive, or any funds generated from products, goes straight to the scholarship recipients not to us.



Be the change you want to be in the world.


Our vision is to change the World, one person at a time and thereby transform communities.

Much of what has gone before in history is redundant – a change in thinking is necessary for a fresh viable world outlook.

Man spends time and money on trying to fix problems once they have occurred, looking at symptoms rather than cause.

The old rules don’t work. Diligent work and application of values that create positive attitudes and character pay off in the long run.

Every Child of the World deserves a chance.

Loving kindness is a reality – it must be allowed to flourish.

Welfare in the long term is not sustainable. People need to be free to create their futures.

Children are the future – they should be the recipients of the world’s love, energy, time and money.

Cultural differences need to be respected and understood. Similarities must be celebrated and developed.

We teach the concept of fair exchange. You reap what you sow. Somehow, somewhere, you will be rewarded.

Chinese Proverb

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Dirk Jacobsz (Founder)

Dr. Dirk Jacobsz was born and raised in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) he fought in the bush war as a combat medic. In the final months of the war he met African freedom fighters., and learnt that war achieves nothing. After the war he left Zimbabwe and went to college in America. Dirk and his wife worked whilst he was studying, to pay for his education. So this is when the seed for Child of the World Foundation germinated, as he realised that others needed help to get the education to build better life. Dirk was listed as an “Outstanding Young Man of America” in 1987. He has lived and worked in Zimbabwe, South Africa, the USA, Oxford England, Australia and Italy. He has travelled and visited many more countries. He has been touched and shaped by many people and experiences. He feels blessed and grateful for the love and opportunities he has received, and the life he has lived. He was on a sailing circumnavigation of the world in 2004 and stopped in Africa. Realising that people are basically the same throughout the world and want only the best for themselves and their children He sold his yacht to start and fund Child of the World Foundation, his dream. He wants to make a difference and contribute a little to the world, and to people who want to “give it go”.

Reinhard Adelbert

Reinhard (‘Reini’) – global citizen, corporate veteran, lawyer and songwriter shares insights with clients and audiences from a rich diversity of experiences. As an immigrant growing up near Johannesburg he rapidly became a South African, while quietly preserving his continental roots. He went on to study economics and law at Wits in the politically charged 70’s, followed by an MBA and a successful corporate career. Filling leadership positions in Africa, Europe and Australasia exposed him to the greater human landscape, a broad range of cultures, languages and attitudes providing numerous opportunities for observation and learning. Today he practises as a legal and strategic consultant in Cape Town. He wants to contribute to Child of the Word Foundation. A natural performer, he is an active singer/songwriter whose provocative works enjoy local airplay. http://reiniadelbert.co.za/

Ed Eikelboom

Ed Eikelboom CPA is a Certified Practising Accountant who conducts an accounting practice in Kelmscott, Western Australia. Apart from his daily work in his accounting practice, Ed has worked with a number of voluntary positions and is currently a member of the Board of the Free Reformed School Association, member of the Board responsible for mission work in Lae, PNG and treasurer for the Free Reformed Church of Byford. These tasks allow him to interact with others and give help and guidance to those who need it. In particular it is the position on the Board for mission work in Lae, PNG that allows him to provide support to the missionaries in their struggle against the influence of sorcery and witchcraft presently existing in PNG which results in civil unrest, warfare and criminal activity. Ed is happy to provide support to the Child of the World Foundation to help achieve its aims to create a future. Ed is the accounting brains of our Foundation.

Dr. Scott Springer

Dr. Scott Springer D.C. did most of his growing up in Port Angeles Washington, though his upbringing had a definite international favour. His parents had teaching posts in Hawaii, Tanzania, Panama, Micronesia, Saudi Arabia, Jakarta, Medan, and China giving him a broad view of the world and a respect for the capacity of humanity to improve the quality of its collective human experience through education. The bulk of his almost 30 years as a chiropractor has been spent in rural Australia, with most of the last decade in Tasmania. Having 4 adult children and starting his post graduate life with a considerable student loan debt, Scott and his wife Cathy are well aware of the considerable cost of a good education. Child of the World Foundation is an opportunity for him to help pay it forward and give some young people a head start in their quest to make the world a better place.

Loretta Jacobsz (nee Olivo)

Loretta knows firsthand what is like to be an immigrant. Born in South Africa her family are Italian’s that immigrated to Africa, after the second world war. She has sailed the seven seas and lived in many countries. Qualified as a Montessori nursery school director, she is passionate about young people expressing their full potential for life and achieving their possibilities. Loretta worked as a nanny, cleaned houses and worked as a waitress to pay for Dirks education. She is determined to help other young people achieve their goals though education and increasing their world view of life through travel experiences. As such Child of the World Foundation is her way to help young people express and reach their full potential.