At present (May 2107) we have two students at RMIT, (3rd year and 2nd year) and we are funding their University degrees. In the near future they will tell their stories. We have also sent them on continuing education courses outside of their University curricula. Why? To ensure that they are well rounded and will become leaders of change in our World.

Here are some other stories by people we have funded.

Mel Quinn, Devonport Tasmania

Child of the World Foundation sponsored me to do a course. Before this course my life was full of negativity and full of fear and rejection of everything and everyone. I felt I was not good enough. I could see no happiness not even in my children, I hated life. I have learnt that that to change my outcome in life I must change my story. I now have a different approach on life. I feel that today I have motivation, drive and the leverage to make it happen. With these new beliefs that I have, I now know today that anything is possible.

Thank you, Mel

Ajay Johnson, Devonport Tasmania

Before going on the course that Child of the World Foundation sent me on, I was going through some major obstacles in my life. For over ten years I had been medicated by many health professionals for mental illness however I finally decided to be in full control of my emotions and live life drug free. I also realised I wasn’t being treated the way I deserved in my career so I put an end to that and left and to top it all off my partner of over two years, moved to the mainland for work. So three major aspects of my life, health, work & personal were all up in the air. The course was what I needed for direction and guidance.

The energy, connection and fun created was truly uplifting. The course made you challenge your beliefs within the ideals that you create to shape your life, how these can restrict your growth and how to adjust these to be fulfilled. When day one is complete you have walked on fire and reached a peak physical and mental state to go out and achieve anything and everything. After four days you leave a new energized individual, one who has faced your fears of the past and the future, gained new perspectives and are geared up ready for a new lease on life. I have been given the psychological foundation and taught me tools to continue to build my life to the very best that it came be.

Thank you, Ajay

John “Snow” Compagne, Devonport Tasmania

After spending the most spiritual, emotional, and uplifting four days of my life, I have discovered that within me, there was an entirely new person waiting to be born. I now see endless opportunities to become a far greater person, both for myself and in helping others to achieve greatness. Life will never be the same.

Thank you Child of the World Foundation, Snow

Darren Woolley, Devonport Tasmania.

Whilst content with my life prior to the course I was sent on, it made me look deep within myself and admit that my standards at work and home, with the people I love the most, were far below what they should be. The course showed me how to celebrate my success and how precious every day is.
The four days of the experience were the most moving and inspirational experience I have ever been involved in and the strategies and tools I have been ingrained in my mind will be with me for the rest of my life. I now look forward, with excitement, to every new day and to the extraordinary rewards that I am certain will come my way due to this dramatic breakthrough. Living with passion will, and already has, opened up so many more possibilities for me and my family that I could not possible write them all down in this testimonial.

Thank you Child of the World Foundation, Darren